Thursday, 30 January 2014

Outsourcing a New Recruitment Trend

Outsourcing is a new recruitment trend and yes it has just hit the job market, people who will fall mainly in this category of recruitment, are the best and skilled person in their domain. These people are achievers, you can say industry guru, and they do not run behind the jobs, employers in fact run behind them. These are the ‘ideal’ employee, and every employer can only wish for such employees. Their resumes could not be found on any job portal, or in the record of recruitment agencies. The intended employer needs to find out them out of gust of the air. But these are the recruiters who finally help you out by performing the initial screening of the candidates so that you should not be mistaken in your hiring process. It is of course the recruiters who can save the good will by working on your behalf whenever it is crucial.

What does a recruiter do?

Good job agencies can define the criteria and can provide the guidelines that an employer requires to hire the manpower. This is the role of recruitment agencies to provide the accurate frame of work for head hunting like developing job description, job roles and responsibilities plus attractive salary package to grab the attention of the employees. Recruiters after developing such framework start hunting for those ideal candidates who have all such folds, like skills, expertise, personality traits and confidence that their client requires. At the end, Employment Agencies in Pakistan present the proposal of their client company arranges the interview and works as an intermediary to convince the candidate on the terms and condition agreed by their client company.

When is the need of hiring a recruiter?


For hiring the specialized person especially on executive level, that are very important positions to run any company. So Client Company always relies on IT Recruitment Agency when they are in need of experienced, career oriented professionals. The recruiters can bring the right talent according to the requirement of its client. If the company is going to hire the executives then hiring the recruiters is essential, because only recruiters have links and pro and know about the top talent, if the company is not hiring for upper level management then they can consult with staffing agency rather than consulting with recruiters.

What is the cost of hiring a recruiter?


Recruiters are hired on emergency basis, because the post on executive level is not so much in number and company needs such an employee once in a blue moon. But here is one interesting thing about the Executive Recruitment Agencies, if they are not successful in their assigned task or client is not satisfied then they are not paid as they expect. If the client company hires the professional provided by the recruiters then the normal fee is 20-25 percent of their first salary excluding other expenses like travelling expense they are the part of the basic fee. If we talk about the major difference of the function of the recruiter and recruiting agency then this is not the hidden fact that recruiters are specialized in hunting the technical or specialized person required for upper management, whereas recruitment agency only works for the job seekers. So the companies must have relationship with recruiters and staffing agency in order to hire the staff and executives.

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