Friday, 24 January 2014

IT Industry and Roaring Future of Pakistan

Despite every bad thing being happened to us in last 10 years, there is one thing special about Pakistan. Pakistan ranks 2nd overall in South Asia as IT-centric country and soon is expected to become High End technology solutions provider to the world. Thanks to universities, colleges and governments that they saw technology coming and they opened their arms for it. Today, IT industry accounts $2 billion with IT companies trending 30% growth annually, on average. With a skilled workforce of 110, 000 IT professionals, current growth rates tell that our IT industry would become 11 billion USD industries in next 5 years. That’s a big thing especially when looked in comparison with other countries who took 15-20 years to be what we are becoming in just 5 years. It’s Pakistan, people.

It’s not raining, it’s pouring, people:

From agriculture to education and from banking to communications, ‘digital’ has taken most respectable definition all around. New software houses are being opened, new technologies are being introduced, new milestones are being achieved, new trends are being set and the technology mass adoption is just electrifying every aspect of our social and corporate affairs. In this professional fiesta, designers and developers have outrun even the most prestigious professions including doctors, engineers and bankers. Designers and developers in our age earn everything more in terms of money, respect and rewards.Executive Recruitment agencies need special appreciation because finding people who made this happen was a real job that they did and are still doing. If you are an IT student or are an IT professional or even an IT entrepreneur, Pakistan means haven of mavens. A Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan can be your access to the pool of people that can lead your business right at the top of the game.

Hold tight, there is no room for mediocreness:


Serving global clients is not an easy feat. It takes innovative designers, rock solid developers, and savvy analysts and above all, digital communicators who could understand the values those clients abroad respect and expect from our services. Hiring people who know things like back of their hands is, that’s why, crucial. Being average is not enough, it’s dangerous in fact. If you want to grow, start hiring people who create, who know how to create and those who have created, already. Our neighboring country has millions of IT Recruitment Agency, no offence, but most is stuck in mediocreness and does little creative work. Much of their work is marked with ‘herd-following-herd’ trends and this is why they are losing their respect.

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