Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Good CV is not Enough

You know that you are a fit for the job, no wonders if ‘more than a fit’. But the important question here is, ‘Do your employers know that?’ As of now, of course they don’t. They don’t know you, your qualifications, your experience and your skills. They know nothing about you and ‘CV’ is your one first shot to let them know that that you are. This is where and this is how you are going to first interact with your ‘would be’ employers and this is why it’s important to get it good, right from the start. Being one of Top notch Recruitment Agency in Pakistan, we cannot emphasize any more over having great CV.

CV does not earn Jobs, It earns an Interview:

Before we go down to nitty gritty of a CV, why not check with its importance in the first place. Every time there opens a job position in the world hundreds of candidates apply themselves against the same position, including you. Due to the urgency behind filling that very position, it’s practically impossible for 925 IT Recruitment Agency to call up every candidate and interview him. It’d take months if they dive down to this detail. So, they do a thing, a thing that allows them to screen the candidates and shortlist the most appropriate ones for the job. It’s the CVs which recruiters take as a reference for scheduling the job interviews. It’s not a brainer, only those applications make their way up which are properly constructed, properly presented and properly pitched. Considering this, it’s important that you do mention every important detail that’s important to your potential employers. You’d mention your skills, your qualifications, your experience, and your achievements in pleasantly presentable manners. You do it right, you’d surely be called up for an interview, lest you should be dropped out right from the first phase of a recruitment process which Executive Recruitment Agency or employers follow.

Do you have a CV – Is it Good?


It’s a stupid question. Isn’t it? Of course, you do have a CV. Can it earn a job for you? Now that is a question. Mind that, it’s not what you say; it’s how you say that. It’s not the details in your CV only that matter, 90% of the times it’s the presentation of those details that matters. A CV, for you, is a marketing tool where you have a chance to earn every big thing for you. And in marketing, it’s definitely alright to talk big about all small things. After this entire is what people pay their attentions at. A presentation is about aligning the details intelligently, formatting the patterns delightfully, and communicating the difference through make of the details.

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